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Survivor Storiy RobertoShortly after moving overseas to study abroad, I started dating someone I thought was cool. We had a couple of classes together and would spend hours studying and discussing current events. We were intellectual equals.

After we were dating for a while he became more and more jealous. I did my best to make him understand that I wasn’t seeing anyone else. Then he became violent. Being in a country that did not support same sex relationships, I didn’t know who to turn to for support and assistance. I also didn’t want to tell my parents. They didn’t know I was gay.

I found out about AODVC from the website of my study abroad program.

I called and spoke to Marie. I was so happy she understood exactly what I was going through.

Marie and I discussed all of my options. AODVC helped me return to the USA and I finished the semester at home. I want to study abroad again someday. I feel better knowing AODVC is there for me. Hopefully I won’t need them again.

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