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Domestic Violence Survivor Stories


Domestic Violence Survivor Stories

Anna’s Story

While studying journalism in college, I met a man that loved to travel as much as I did. We dated for 6 months and married. He graduated before me and was offered a job in Europe while I was still in my third year of college… read more.


Domestic Violence Survivor Stories

Roberto’s Story

Shortly after moving overseas to study abroad, I started dating someone I thought was cool. We had a couple of classes together and would spend hours studying and discussing current events. We were intellectual equals… read more.



Domestic Violence Survivor Stories

Sandrine’s Story

I met someone while teaching English in Central America. He was charming, funny and loved doing the same things I did. After knowing each other for a short while, we decided to live together and adopted a dog we named Rex. At first things were great… read more.



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