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Crisis Services Provided

Case Management

The Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center, AODVC, offers specialized safety planning and long-term case management for American overseas victims either living with an abuser, through their journey from danger to safety, after the relationship has ended.

Case managers have the tools and knowledge to assist survivors with safety planning in foreign countries and/or after returning to the United States.

Please click here to contact a case manager at AODVC for more information or to create a specialized safety plan.

If you would like to find out more about safety planning, Click here. If you are in immediate danger, please call your local authorities.


Crisis Services Case Management


Crisis Services Legal Assistance



Legal Advocacy

Depending upon the situation, AODVC may be able to provide referrals for qualified international family lawyers, and advocate for legal aid services when available.

In some cases we can also provide limited financial assistance for legal consultations or retainers to help survivors gain custody of their children.

Professional Counseling

AODVC works with licensed professional counselors providing emergency reintegration therapy for victims.

These counselors understand the difficulties of reintegrating into society, in tandem with addressing the traumatic experience of surviving and escaping an abusive relationship.

Crisis Services Counseling


Crisis Services Danger to Safety



Danger to Safety Relocation

AODVC can advocate for repatriation loans from American Embassies and other necessary services for victims.

In some cases, payment of airline tickets back home to the USA are possible.

Transition Services

AODVC can advocate for survivors to secure housing in the survivor’s name to help build future credit, and link her to regional services, including job development programs.

Crisis Services Transition Services


Crisis Services Protecting Pets




Protecting Pets

AODVC strives to keep pets protected from abuse. We are often able to provide food, veterinary certificates, cost of transportation and kennels as well as assist in placing pets in foster homes while we work getting victims from danger to safety.

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