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Effects of Domestic Violence on Children

  • By 2010 around 5 children were thought to die each day because of child abuse.1
  • Children who witness domestic violence are at increased risk for developing post-traumatic stress disorder.2
  • Most experts believe that children who are raised in abusive homes learn that violence is an effective way to resolve conflicts and problems.3
  • Older children may be harmed while trying to protect the abused parent. Children in violent homes may “indirectly” receive injuries. They may be hurt when household items are thrown or weapons are used. Infants may be injured if being held by the survivor when the abuser strikes out.4
  • Although children may not observe the violence, they almost always are aware that it is occurring. 4
  • Children from violent homes often experience depression, anxiety, fear, and guilt. These children live in constant fear of injury to their non-abusive parent and themselves. They may feel guilty about loving or hating the abuser, blame themselves for causing the violence or feel utterly helpless about being able to stop the violence.4
  1. Become a child advocate
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