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Cultural Myths

  • Abuse is not a byproduct of culture
  • Domestic violence is never alright
  • No religion or culture encourages husbands to abuse their wives
  • Unfortunately, religion and culture are broadly interchanged and used as excuses by abusers for domestic violence against their American wives (i.e. She does not understand our culture and she made me angry).
  • The husbands’ family may reprimand the abuser for his behavior in private, but will support the abuser in front of the wife and help convince the wife that she must have done something to cause the abuse.
  • This is done in fear of the wife reporting the abuse to the police and publicly shaming the family name. At all costs, even at the emotional, psychological and physical suffering of the abused wife and children, the abuse must remain a “family secret”.
  • This “cover-up” further spurs the cycle of violence as the abuser knows there are no consequences to his behavior.
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